EV80 Pure Electric Van

Electrifying the future of vans in New Zealand!

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Two Models

Long-wheel Base
Cab Chassis

The LDV EV80 Pure Electric Van is here.

Key features include a maximum payload of 1,100kg, and safe, high-efficiency large-capacity lithium iron phosphate battery technology that can be fully charged in 2 hours.

PLUS zero emissions. The EV80 Pure Electric Van is a ground-breaking addition to the already formidable V80 range.

Two EV80 models to choose from – cab/chassis, and a 10.4m3 panel van.

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Ev80 Customers

LDV's Hardest Working Electric Van is helping some of New Zealand's biggest commercial businesses!

LDV EV80 becomes NZ’s first all-electric chiller van

EV delivers catch of the day
An all-electric chilled van is on the road in Auckland delivering fresh fish in what’s hailed as a New Zealand first.

The LDV EV80 chiller van, owned by New Zealand fishing company Sanford, is carrying up to a tonne of seafood between the Ports of Auckland and destinations around the city.

It’s a first here because both the engine and chiller are fully electric and independently powered.  
LDV EV80 electric van sanford


2 hours Fully Charged, High-capacity Lithium Battery


High-power PMSM Power: 100kW Torque: 320Nm

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All new LDV EV80 vans come with the reassurance of a 3 year/120,000km* new vehicle warranty and roadside assistance.

The details of the New Vehicle Warranty are outlined in the Warranty & Service Information Booklet contained in the glove box of your vehicle.

For more information on LDV Roadside Assist refer to the brochure.

Contact your nearest LDV dealership for more information.


*Whichever occurs first.

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