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LDV New Zealand is proud to offer fleet services for all kinds of groups, from small to medium sized businesses, from Corporate entities to Community Organisations and Government Departments. Whether you need one vehicle or a hundred, you will find everything you need here at LDV New Zealand.  

We are a New Zealand owned and operated company and so we know what Kiwi’s want and need to ensure their businesses also run in an optimal way – Kiwi’s serving Kiwi’s!


Our fleet team are specialists in all aspects of fleets and fleet vehicles. You will not deal with a call centre, but rather you will personally be taken care of by a top representative in the fleet department who will ensure  your specific needs are met. Your Fleet Manager will be more than happy to help you with any questions you may have about vehicle suitability, financing, leasing, servicing, and more.

We have a range of vehicles to choose from, the most popular being the G10, EV80, V80 and T60.  It is important to look your best when you are servicing customers and clients so our vehicles are stylish while also incredibly functional.  Whether you have large loads to carry, long distances to travel or wanting to zip around the city, LDV Fleet has what you need to ensure your tasks are easily undertaken.  Our Fleet vehicles offer reliability, safety, style and great technology.

Here at the LDV Fleet department of LDV New Zealand, our focus is on getting the best possible outcome for the customer. We offer realistic advice and competitive tender pricing for all kinds of groups and organisations. We’re committed to professionalism, reliability, and quality customer service. Plus, Integrated Fleet Service Packages are available to eligible customers! 

Perhaps you have questions about whether you qualify for Fleet, or you’re interested in getting professional advice as to whether fleet vehicles are right for you?  If so, then give us a call at 0800 LDV VANS or contact us here by filling out our enquiry form and it will immediately be received by our Fleet Managers.


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