Get the Job Done with the LDV V80 Biggest

Are you looking for a van that is designed to work hard so you don't have to? Look no further, mate. At numerous locations across New Zealand, you'll find the impressively versatile LDV V80 Biggest. What does the V80 Biggest offer you? The Biggest is exactly what the name implies--it's the largest and best equipped of the V80 line-up. When you're looking for a vehicle for your fleet or small business that has the equipment and capability you need, you know you're looking for the LDV V80 Biggest.

Get the Biggest Features for the Biggest Jobs

Not only does the LDV V80 Biggest have world-class components, it offers the features you need for a variety of jobs and has what it takes to keep your business world class. The LDV V80 Biggest features a long wheelbase and high roof height, truly making it the biggest of the V80 line-up. With 11.6 cubic metres of cargo volume, you can make deliveries a breeze. While you're working hard, you'll love amenities like the rear barn doors, LED daytime running lights, fog lamps, remote keyless entry, power mirrors, power adjustable driver's seat, and other features that make work easier. The LDV V80 is the right fit for a variety of jobs on the long white cloud.

Take on Big Jobs with the Capable LDV V80 Biggest

At the helm of the LDV V80 Biggest, you'll have the capability to get the job done and save petrol. The V80 features a VM Motori Eco-D 2.5L Diesel Motor TDCI, which generates an impressive 136 hp/100kW. You'll select your gears with a 5-speed manual gear box as you enjoy the smooth ride of the McPherson Independent Front Suspension. With its single touch cruise control, the LDV V80 Biggest makes it simple to get going and stay going. If you can't fit everything inside the cargo space, you can tow up to 2500kg behind you!

Learn More About LDV New Zealand and Find the Right Vehicle

Finding the right fit for your fleet is now much easier--just find the closest LDV distributer! Why make things complicated? LDV offers its popular V80 fleet vehicles in 'Big', 'Bigger', and 'Biggest', so you can make the simple selection. And with other hardworking models like the G10 Cargo Van or the Minibus, your best option is an LDV. When it comes to serving Kiwis, LDV offers vehicles built on world-class components and a hard-earned global reputation. If you're looking for the right way to build your business, choose an LDV commercial vehicle.